Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bleu Pétrole: Next Steps

Dear readers,

I've just completed the translation into English of Alain Bashung's final cd, Bleu Pétrole, an album that spoke directly and honestly about Bashung's upcoming death, his joys, his fears, his regrets and many profound insights into what really matters in this world; to open our eyes before it's too late, to stop screwing up our relationships with passive-aggressive behavior, to look around and see both the beauty and brutality of nature, of loving, of the human condition. With collaborators Gaëtan Roussel, who composed and produced many of these songs; another great artist Gérard Manset who composed Vénus and Comme un Lego and Il voyage en solitaire, the latter one of his signature songs; the music of Armand Méliès; and the poetry of Joseph d'Anvers (Tant de nuits), they produced a grand cd that also became an exceptional concert tour, Bashung's "farewell" tour (released in November, 2009, on dvd).

If you wish to continue to listen to these songs, what this translator asks of you in return is to purchase the cd or download. Amazon US offers Bleu Pétrole for purchase as a hard copy for as low as $12 (new and used); I-Tunes as an mp3 download. I believe Bleu Pétrole will soon be released for mp3 download on other sites as well, since all of Bashung's other cds are already on Amazon US ( as mp3.

What follows is the link for buying the hard copy on Amazon in the United States. (You can also search for it on other sites.) If you live in France or anywhere else in Europe, you can search i-Tunes and for both hard copy and mp3 download. There is also a 27-cd Coffret, A Perte de vue, which in the long run will provide you with every song that will be translated on this site. It's a fabulous collection with wonderful visuals and collectibles and a booklet of all the words in French.

For in the end, I do support the rights of the authors and encourage you to buy the cd. Believe me, you won't regret it and you will listen again and again to these songs. And now, you can also sing along with comprehension. :>>))

Thank you for your support of l'Artiste.

Bleu Pétrole on Amazon US:

If you read French, this biography by Marc Besse is really worthwhile.
Bashung gave him total access for the last eight years of his life.

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